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Planned for summer 2017
(We will be keeping a waiting list so if you're interested in any of the planned litters please check in)

In the beginning of July we're hoping for full chocolate litter
of Lady and our new American boy Remmy.

Hillsides Looking Back
Ch. Noelany Something Royal
Hips (OFFA) Excellent, Elbows (OFFA) Normal, Cardiac Normal, PRA & EIC carrier, HNPK Clear
Hips (GRSK) A, Elbows (GRSK) 0:0; PRA, EIC, HNPK - Clear


Linebreeding: 2 - 5,5 to Cambremer Tom Cobbley of Charway

* * *

Diva was bred to Whiskey for B/C litter hopefully expected in the middle of July.

Balrion Weathertop John Barleycorn
BISS Ch. Noelany Swan Song
Hips (BVA) 3:4, Elbows (BVA) 0:0, PRA & EIC Clear
Hips (GRSK) B, Elbows (GRSK) 0:0; PRA Carrier, EIC, HNPK - Clear



1 - 3 to Balron Weathertop John Barleycorn
4 - 4 to Balrion Oceans Apart

* * *

Berry and Splash will have black puppies in the end of July/beginning of August.

Stelainros Neptune at Weathertop
Noelany Raspberry Bramble
Hips (BVA) 5:5, Elbows (BVA) 0:0, PRA Clear hereditary
Hips (GRSK) A, Elbows (GRSK) 0:BL; PRA, HNPK Clear, EIC Carrier


2 - 4 to Balron Weathertop John Barleycorn
3 - 4 to Balrion Weathertop Westerly
5 - 3,4 to Weathertop Storm Cloud
5,5 - 4,4 to Beechcroft's Weathertop Wind
5 -5 toBalrion Edge Of Darkness
5 - 5 to Hawkmoor's Webster

* * *

Saga will be bred to Remmy for black/chocolate litter in Autumn/Winter
Ch. Noelany European Windstorm
to Hillsides Looking Back (Black and chocolate)
* * *

Some "NOELANY" previous puppies:

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Contact details:
e-mail: milla@noelany-labradors.com
mobile: +359 899 733 999

The best time for a home bred NOELANY puppy to leave to new owner is at 8 weeks of age. Until then puppies are raised by us and their mother. The time spent with parents and littermates socialize them, which is important for their future progress. All puppies are home raised with a lot of love and care in our home. Puppies are dewormed couple of times, vaccinated once or twice and id-microchiped. Each of them has an original FCI pedigree certificate. Owners may take copies of parents' health certificates, some of which certify that the puppies are clear of DNA diseases by parentage. Information, advices and help with your NOELANY puppy is available any time.
Please note! If you feel you're no longer able to keep your NOELANY puppy or already an adult dog, you're very welcome to come talk to us, as we wish your dogs' best as well. We'll give good advices and take the best care.

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