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above: Tango and me, summer 2007


I was in love with animals my entire life. Since my youngest age my parents had the dear idea I was meant to be an animal lover. All started with a horse race in 1991 when I fell in love with the hourses at first. Now I'm not surprised, my great grand father was a horse breeder. Few years later, I think 1994, I saw the movie “101 dalmations”, the original one from 1961, and there was a Black Labrador helping the dalmations to color themselfs in the fireplace for being black Labradors to hide from Cruella De Vill. I was so impressed of the Lab that I never forgot that dog. Unfortunately the next years I spent dreaming about a dog, because my parents were not in possition to look after one.
In 2004 I met on the street a black Labrador working as seeing-eye dog, called “Tango”. That moment I was "beaten by the bug" and all started just then!

I was 18 when my first Labrador came home. Bought from pet store, a little cute yellow girl puppy who died the next morning. That was so heartbreaking I thought no dog nor an owner deserves such pain and disapointment. I wanted to do something against pet stores and puppy mills producing dogs with the only aim to earn money, but I didn't even imagine what all this was going turn into.

I called the Labrador club and soon I got another puppy. That was a precious yellow baby boy we called "Ted". "Ted" was growing as expected and was developing nicely, beloved by everyone I knew. Two months I was the happiest person finally having my Labrador at home, but I couldn't forget about the blacks and chocolates. I wasn't sure how my parents would accept the idea for a second dog but I did mention couple of times... and two months later I contacted a breeder who just had 3 days old chocolate litter in Moscow / Russia / from the most beautiful dam and wonderful Finnish stud dog, both chocolates. It wasn't long when my new puppy I called after the Labrador I saw on the street arrived.
I saw "Tango" for the very first time at the cargo in a crate been fed with biscuits by the ladies working there :-) I opened the crate and I felt the most gentle, lovable and the sweetest kisses I've had my entire life and still. Sinse Day1 and during all these years "Tango" became my soul mate forever. I often sit for watching him and thinking how blessed we were to share some time together on this Earth.

Ted and Tango became best friends!

About a year later I felt I should keep developing, so the whole thing became even more serious when I decided on a third dog :-) That was my first bitch. She's coming from the same kennel as Tango. She was a stunning chocolate puppy I called Barca. Her breeder told me she's a good puppy, but I never thought she will be THAT good.

The next step was to register a kennel name. I gave my dogs the original prefix of "NOELANY". It means "from heaven" on Hawaiian. I hope “NOELANY” will bless every puppy bred here.

Tango and Barca taught me to a lot in the Labrador world. We traveled, spent great time at the fields teaching them being gun dogs, had successes, had litters as well.

The next few years I've got some puppies to develop my hobby, but they didn't turn out as excpected. I have made the hard decision to part with these dogs to avoid to stuck with too many pets that I wouln't be able to breed, so I replaced them at lovely pet homes.

We have experienced a lot with Barca, she was a bitch to remember, unfortunarely taken too soon two months before her 7th bithday. That was devastating, but I had to move on sinse it happened she left no daughter to keep working with in order.

At the end of 2010 I became friends with Saudjie and John Crook and soon two lovely girls, now both Champions, were brought home from North Wales, the black Ch Balrion Weathertop Aurora which we called "Little Green", or shortly "Greenie" and the chocolate Ch Balrion Weathertop Hazelburn, called "Hazel".

I am now having a bunch of lovely generations which you can take a look at the page of Our Dogs, as well as happy owners of our puppies around the whole wide world.

My goal is to breed true Labrador retrievers as they were written in the original breed Brittish standard, with great temperaments accompanied with desire for pleasing owners, good type, exterior, lovely expressions and the main distinctive features: coat, tail and head. Healthy, sound and fit for function dogs.

If you're interested in some of our dogs and offspring, as well as if you need advices or have questions, you're welcome to contact me.

Thank you for sharing my dogs and my site.

Sincerely yours,
Milla Demireva

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